A 23-year-old woman presented with a slightly bluish, dome-shaped lesion on the right side of the mouth, just lateral to the frenulum and below the tongue (figure

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Learn about the diseases and conditions that may cause mouth sores, and read about the medications used in treatment. Pinpoint your symptoms and signs with

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Oral lesions (mouth sores) make it painful to eat and talk. Two of the most common recurrent oral lesions are fever blisters (also known as cold sores) and canker sores.

A routine part of an oral examination should be inspection not only of the teeth and gums but also of the soft tissues in and around the mouth.

A skin lesion is a part of the skin that has an abnormal appearance compared to the skin around it. Two types of skin lesions exist: primary and secondary.

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Diagnosing and treating dermatologic lesions of the mouth and gums is challenging for most clinicians because of the wide variety of disease processes that can

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Pictures of harry tongue, lip cancer, tonsillitis, oral herpes, tongue cancer, throat and mouth ulcers, oral cancer, salivary galand stones pictures and other disease

What are the causes of liver lesions? Liver lesions can be caused by a number of reasons. Hepatocellular carcinomas or liver malignancy at primary stage and

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Read about the different types of abnormal growths and lesions that can be found in the mouth.

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A lesion is any abnormal damage or change in the tissue of an organism, usually caused by disease or trauma. Lesion is derived from the Latin laesio “injury”. Lesions

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